Janette Marshall - Eat well for an active life
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Janette Marshall


‘Have fun

Eat well

Be active.’


Janette is an award winning author, journalist and magazine editor.
You can contact Janette at the following email address info@janettemarshall.co.uk.

"I hope, during your visit you will be inspired to enjoy a more exciting healthy diet, find the motivation to be more active and - with inspiration from Winnie-the-Pooh - look at other ways to live your life.

Like everyone else, you probably have an interest in the links between food and health. You probably have your own reasons why you do not eat more healthily and take more exercise. But your special needs, likes and dislikes can all be accommodated when making changes towards better health.

Even small (but permanent)  changes can make a big difference to your health and well-being and help you reach your full potential, in all areas of life. If you share healthier meals with your family and friends, and make more of your social occasions active occasions, you be sharing the benefits with those around you."

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