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‘You’ll find tasty and nutritious foods for safe weight loss in my books – and they show you how to never (re)gain weight.’

Fat Nation - The Big Challenge (Dorling Kindersley £12.99) ISBN 1 4053 0763 3
The book that accompanies the major new BBC 1 series in which residents of an average street in Birmingham are helped to solve their weight and health problems. Like the TV programme this book aims to change attitudes to food and exercise and provides an 'at home' guide to taking small steps to a healthier life.

Along with the series, itself part of a two-year BBC campaign, the book encourages everyone to work together to improve their quality of life.

The book is full of practical help and ideas
• Discover whether you need to lose weight
• Downsize your portions to control weight
• Simple ways to be more active in your daily life
• How to shop and cook for health
• Healthy eating for babies, toddlers and children
• Health plans for different age groups
• Tailored diets and exercise routine

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Fat Nation  The Big Challenge

Life Lessons from Winnine-the-Pooh - One hundred ideas to nuture your Inner Bear. (Egmont £10.99) ISBN 1 4052 1203 9
Practical tips and advice inspired by Pooh to help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Visit Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Tigger, Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin in the Hundred Acre Wood. Your trip could prove to be the perfect antidote to modern living.

Endorsement from a reader:

As a fan of Pooh I have long thought that A.A. Milne's writing has much to offer adults as well as children. I also believe that the last paragraphs of 'The House at Pooh Corner' are amongst the most poignant and moving in English literature.

I recently visited Ashdown Forest for the first time and the 'Enchanted Place' was true to the name.

I have only recently returned to work after a long period of absence due to something of a mental breakdown. Friends and relatives have been wonderfully supportive and, not surprisingly, 'self-help' books etc. have figured high on the agenda. Your book is the best I have seen. I have no idea what motivated you to use the appropriate, moving and often hilarious quotes from 'Pooh' but you were truly inspired.

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With his carefree optimism and liking for the simple pleasures in life, Pooh has something to teach us all about discovering a greater sense of well-being.

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Life Lessons from Winnine-the-Pooh - One hundred ideas to nuture your Inner Bear

The New Eat for Life (Vermilion £10.99) ISBN 0-09-189458-1
A revolutionary healthy eating and lifestyle plan based on world wide medical and scientific consensus published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in April 2003. With its roots in solid scientific research this is a truly 100% fad-free book that gives you:

• Safe, reliable and guaranteed slimming plans for men and women
• 20 key foods to eat each week to help prevent the current global epidemic of diet-related chronic (long-term) disease: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, certain cancers
• Unique risk-assessment guides for each of these health problems with practical ways to decrease your risk
• Secrets to prevent weight (re)gain
• Deliciously healthy recipes and healthy eating plans
• A valuable new reference book for kitchen and study

'The New Eat for Life' is more than a slimming plan and healthy eating bible, 'it is also a lifestyle guide. It is no longer enough just to eat well, in order to maintain a healthy weight and optimum health you need to take enough physical activity', says Janette. 'The New Eat for Life' shows you how to choose the right activity plan for you.

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The New Eat for Life

Power Food (Pyramid 2004, Hamlyn 2002) ISBN 0-600-61087 X
We all know a healthy diet is important, but some foods can do more to increase energy and vitality, fight fatigue and even boost your immunity. Power foods increase your stamina, strength, endurance and overall fitness.

• Top 25 power foods to keep your energy levels high all day long
• Practical advice on choosing the right power food, whether you are run down, playing sport or simply want to boost your overall health valuable
• 50 delicious recipes that make power eating easy

The best foods for energy are carbohydrate foods, particularly complex or unrefined starchy foods such as whole grain bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta potatoes and other starchy vegetables.

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Power Food

Food and Drink – the complete cookery know how (BBC Books 2000) ISBN 0-563-53450-8
An essential reference book for the modern cook. Information on nutrition and food hygiene combined with all you need to know to create wonderful food from a well-stocked storecupboard.

• The best kitchen equipment and gadgets that work.
• Stuart Walton on wine and how to match wine with food.
• Failsafe recipes from Mitzie Wilson that cover a wide spectrum of cooking.

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Food and Drink  the complete cookery know how

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