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Janette Marshall


‘ Three simple steps to weight loss and better health – eat, act and think

Fat Nation
Fat Nation - the Big Challenge the BBC 1 TV series challenged the residents of three neighbouring Birmingham streets to improve their diet and take more exercise with the aim of helping them and viewers nationwide to deal with overweight and health-related obesity problems. www.bbc.co.uk/bigchallenge.

The book, Fat Nation - the Big Challenge (Dorling Kindersley £12.99 ) [Buy the book] also aims to get across a more balanced view of nutrition and provide the back up needed for people to adopt healthier behaviour patterns for themselves, family and friends.

It's a great starting place for making change and it acknowledges that while it is not always easy, there are simple ways to change for the better.

eat act think

Eat differently, by making healthier food choices and controlling portion sizes
Act differently, by being more physically active
Think differently, by changing your behaviour and staying motivated

Losing weight to gain better health and more energy is not just a question of eating less. You need the full armoury of weapons of fat destruction if you are to win the battle! Your total commitment involves both mind and body, Diet alone is not enough to solve weight problems permanently. Physical activity and your mental  commitment to the task are equally important.

Excerpts from Fat Nation - the Big Challenge (Dorling Kindersley £12.99 ) [Buy the book]
Fat Nation pages 46-47   Fat Nation pages 78-79   Fat Nation pages 96-97
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